With Heart Stopping Cricket Comes Mouth Watering Food

GET: Some great offers to accompany your cricket fever

IN: Tasty Tangles, Pinnacle House, Level 1, PD Hinduja Marg, 15th Road,Khar(W) Mumbai, Tel: 022 67094444

ON: All match days, from 4pm till 7pm

IT: At a whopping 45% off from their original prices, these packages give you all the fun, at almost half the price.

Domestic package – 6 Budwiser pints + 2 appetizers for 799 + taxes

Imported package – 6 Tsingtao pints + 2 appetizers for 1,500 + taxes

You can choose from a variety of veg and non veg starters including sweet ‘n sour crispy vegetables, potato satay with spicy peanut sauce, prawn crackers with sweet chilli dipping sauce, crispy chicken wonton with sweet chilli dipping sauce and many many more.

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