Women Look The Classiest In A Saree: Urvashi Joneja, designer


With a collection that screams attention with bright colours and psychedelic prints, designer Urvashi Joneja is all set to present her vibrant collection “Sunset Blossom” at DIVAlicious, this Monday the 15th of October at Blue Sea Worli. We got all the scoop on why to look out for this collection from the designer herself.

Urvashi Joneja

Urvashi Joneja at DIVAlicious

What is the difference in the shopping mentality of people in Mumbai compared to people in Dubai?

I am not sure about the shopper in Dubai, but in Mumbai, people really look for different and exclusive buys. In addition our traditional textiles, and embroideries are being interpreted in modern and trend-relevant ways by Indian designers, which the customer appreciates and is willing to spend on.

What’s the inspiration between your creations?

For my label “Urvashi Joneja”, I get inspired by various elements around us – nature, everyday chaos, urban life and architecture.

 What’s the theme of your products that will be on sale at DIVAlicious?

We are exhibiting our latest collection “Sunset Blossom” which includes gowns, tunics, tops etc. We have tried to interpret the psychedelic shades of dusk by traditional tie and dye techniques and intricate bead work.

We will also be displaying a fun and colorful collection of dresses and tunics in florescent and candy shades, perfect for the festive season.

There are so many brands and designers taking part in the exhibition, why should a shopaholic visit yours? What sets you apart?

Our garments are one of a kind exclusive pieces, made with pure and luxurious silk fabrics. Every garment has exquisite detail and handwork. It embodies a lot of Indian traditional techniques while still being young, trendy and classy without being overbearing.

 What’s your personal favourite product from your collection that will be on sale at DIVAlicious?

One of my favorites from the Indian wear collection is a pink net sari with bright green sequin tie dye embroidery. Its very young and trendy and looks great when styled with a contrast halter blouse.

From the western wear collection, a florescent green cocktail dress with a chiffon draped scarf is my favorite. Its very chic, the color and the non- fuss drape make it perfect for an evening out.

Your collections include sarees, gowns, tunics, and tops – in your opinion what does a woman look the most classy in?

Women look the most classy in whatever they can carry off with most confidence. Apart from that I think Indian women look the classiest in the saree. It accentuate the right curves and looks good on almost any body type. There are also so many ways to drape it, so its perfect for experimentation and never gets boring.

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