Work, Play and Coffee in Bandra

Ever since I quit the corporate life and have gone down the entrepreneurial route, I find that to my dismay I don’t have the benefit of a plush sea facing office located at the gorgeous nariman point for all my client meetings.  So until I am able to find a suitable office several of my meetings are held at coffee shops.  Given that I live in Bandra, I am certainly spoilt for choice which made me want to highlight a few of my favourite places to share with those that are new to Bandra, swinging by Bandra or like me are Bandra veterans.  Although I must confess that not all my visits to these places are strictly for work purposes, I now finally have the time to catch-up with friends for a coffee or head there everytime I need to do what I like to refer to as ”creative brainstorming”.

1. The Bagel Shop, 30 Anand Villa Road, Pali Mala Road, below Savio John Salon.  This cozy little place has a very casual vibe and their comfortable wicker chairs don’t make you want to ever get up and leave.

2. Pali Village Cafe, Pali Naka, right opposite The Shop.  This cute place gives a Parisian chic vibe to it which works very well with my current line of work.

3. Salt Water Cafe, Rose Minnar Annexe, next to Mount Carmel Church.  Bright, open and airy this place is perfectly apt for meetings any time of the day.

4. Moshe’s, Hill Road, above Nature’s Basket.  I was pleased as punch to hear they opened a branch closer to home as it just means I don’t have to travel very far anymore for their chocolate orange fudge cake.

5. Deliciae, 14 Union Park, at Out of the Blue restaurant.  To tell you the truth, I can’t quite remember the last time I ordered a coffee there because I end up ordering their yummy desserts instead. The low level seating and dim lighting make you want to get truly sunk in!

- Parul Shukla

Parul Shukla is a personal shopper and image consultant.  To learn more about her visit


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