Worst Dressed Celebrities: A Blast From The Past

We look up to them. We follow what they wear and make it trend. But what do we call these? What were they thinking? We bring you the top 10 worst dressed celebrities that 2013 brought us. These style statements are outrageous and borderline hideous in some cases, but worth a look.

1. Miley Cyrus

No one can argue that teen queen Miley Cyrus has been the most controversial star of 2013. Named the worst dressed of the year, she does get the first spot on our list, thanks to the girl gone wild tacky dressing style and her inappropriate body gestures.


2. Katie Price

“OMG!” is all we can say.  The reality TV star can make Nicky Minaj jealous. She seems to have got her inspiration from Pinki Pie the pony (see image below), only the result is just weird, not cute. We’ve never felt so bad for pink before, and we’re sure Pinkie Pie is going to sue her sooner or later.

Worst Dresses Celebrities


3. Adele

Beautiful looks and a soulful voice, wish we could say the same complimentary words for her Grammy Awards appearance. All we can say is that she is looking just like a carpet-printed lampshade.


4. Z LaLa

The Billboard Music Awards got a visitor from another planet. Yes, we’re loving metallics this season as well, but this is taking it too far.


5. Jenna Jameson

Wait, is she endorsing Oreo cookies? Oreo lovers, we hope you will be able to forgive her.


6. Ciara

Looks like she asked her stylist to get something quick for this event. They chose to make something out of pillow covers!


7. Nicky Minaj

Our list would have been incomplete without her. And yes, Mattel actually came up with a Nicky Minaj Barbie!


8. Lady Gaga

And of course, Lady Gaga had to be on this list. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe it. The old lady with the big hair look is definitely giving us nightmares.

lady gaga

9. Kat Graham

Obviously, inspired by a totem (see images below), the colored bodycon dress could have been way cooler and much more subtle, rather than being an exact copy of the print, making her look like the totem swallowed her!

161687816-kat-graham  totem

10. Eva Simons

The Dutch singer known for her gravity defying hair, gives us creeps in this monochromatic look. Prints can be worn and mixed so much better!


That wasn’t easy, we’re sure your eyes hurt! Can’t say much when it comes to Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga, but hopefully the others won’t be repeat style statement offenders this year. And if you have the strength to go on, check out the most bizarre runway fashion of 2013.

Picture Courtesy:

The Gloss

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