Wouldn’t You Like To Hire My Peon

Why stand in a line to pay your bills when you can have someone do it for you? Life would be so much simpler if you could hire someone to pick up your laundry instead of having to do it yourself. And now you can.

My Peon is the service started to help solve the Mumbaikars problem of having to be in two places at the same time. Now don’t choose between having an afternoon beer with friends and going to the market to buy bread; just hire some of the helpers at My Peon and you can enjoy your leisure time. Whether it is a matter of standing in a queue to pay your electricity bills, visiting the market to pick up groceries, travelling to and from the dry cleaners, having your shoes repaired, picking up movie tickets, or anything else that needs to be done, the helpers at My Peon will be there for all your sundry tasks.

Their services are available from 9 am till 8 pm across the city – South Mumbai till Thane – and can be availed by corporate houses as well as homemakers. Apart from travelling fees, they charge a fee of Rs. 100 if the task is to be completed the next day and Rs. 200 if the task is to be completed the same day.

You can hire them by calling 9833183385, leaving a comment on their Facebook page or their Twitter profile.

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