Rain Rain, (Don’t) Go Away: 10 Ways To Prepare Your Skin And Hair For The Monsoons

You’ve stocked up on scarves, sunglasses and hats for summer, but it’s time you put a little bit of thought into gearing up for the monsoon. After the sweltering heat, the rain may be a welcome change but are you really ready to handle the humidity? Here are 10 pre-monsoon beauty tips to face the rains with ease.

pre-monsoon beauty tips

For Your Hair
1. Hair Spa: The summer heat and harmful sun have left your hair listless and dry, no matter how much you condition. And the rain will only make it more frizzy and vulnerable to infection. So use this time in between to head over to a salon for an intense hair spa. It will repair the summer damage and give you protection in the monsoon.

2. Get a Trim: Don’t make humidity an enemy of your hair. Take precautions to tame your hair by getting a trim and losing the split ends and unruly locks.

3. Hair Products: We love the feeling of freshly washed hair. Sadly, the minute they dry up, your head looks like a lion’s mane. Invest in quality hair products that will help manage your tresses. We recommend you try Moroccan oil and smoothing serum.

4. De-Tan: Look fresh and dewy every monsoon morning, come rain or shine. We mean you need to get rid of that pesky tan that summer has left behind on your face.

5. Clean-up: Humidity fosters acne on your face, so its best to prepare for the rainy season by getting at least two deep-skin clean sessions done beforehand. Ensure that you use mild products that suit your skin, else you may damage it and make it vulnerable to infections in the monsoon.

6. Stick to the Routine: Just because the sun is not that bright doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. Stick to your moisturiser and sunscreen routine before, during and after the rains.

7. Waterproof Makeup: Get your hands on some gorgeous eye makeup and waterproof foundations. After all, nothing is worse than having run-down mascara or patchy skin in the rains. We suggest you try these products.

pre monsoon skincare - makeup products

Coloressence Black Supreme Liquid Eyeliner (Rs 110); Attitude 3 in 1 Waterproof Mascara (Rs 495); Olivia Instant
Water-Proof Make Up Stick
 (Rs 90)

8. Get Pedicure Tools: The muck and dirt during the rains can ruin your pretty feet. Get some fresh pedicure tools to keep your feet clean. New tools are more hygienic and ideal for the humid weather. Get your pedicure kit here.

9. Treat Skin Infections: Before you step out in your umbrella and gumboots, visit the doctor and treat any skin infections you have. Monsoon is the time when your body is more susceptible to bacteria, which may worsen them.

10. Strengthen your Immunity: While you should treat your body from the outside, remember to treat it from the inside too. Stock up on multivitamins and proteins after consulting your doctor. Not only will you avoid the nasty common cold, but also have healthier skin and hair.

Follow these tips and gear up for the lovely, romatic season. Share with us if you have any more brilliant suggestions in the comments section.

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