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Yeh Ko Love Leather Flats Ii

Price: Rs. 2000
Yeh Ko Love leather flats IISo pretty; you might just rethink your love for high heels We recommend youslip your feet in this leather pair right away.Wash your patent leather shoes in a mixture of mild soap and water. Use a softcotton cloth to wipe down the shoe; inside and out. This will prime the shoefor future steps. Allow to dry at room temperature for two days before movingto the next step. Next; use saddle soap with a soft cloth to clean your patentleather shoes inside and out. Make sure you clear off any excess saddle soap.The leather will absorb only as much as it can. You can also apply a leatherconditioner to the shoe; inside and out. This will not only finish off thecleaning process; but will soften your patent leather shoes a bit for maximumcomfort. After cleaning and drying; you should apply a wax or polish to yourpatent leather shoe. This will protect the leather from future dirt; but itwill also help to waterproof the leather; making for greater longevity. Patent leatherHeel height 0.4 1 cm ; Width 2.6 inches

Occasion Casual, Everyday
Material Leather
Fit Comfort fit