You Can Enjoy The Original Red Velvet at Tart

Ever wonder who introduced ‘Red Velvet’ to Mumbai? And how did the cupcake craze kick in? We have found the people who claim to be responsible.

Meet Tart – a dessert store which started of as a household on-order cake baking venture, and eventually spread its wings to settle at two spots in the city.

While they cannot offer much of a seating space with just two tables and a capacity of about 3-4 people in the store, they make up for it when it comes to their quality of food, originality and the ability to brighten your day. Their menu consists of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries and breads. They claim to have started the Red Velvet trend in Mumbai, and continue to create interesting and creative desserts like the Chai Cake, Rainbow Cake and their own take on Oreo Cookies.

Their cakes are priced at Rs. 1,100 upwards and cupcakes are Rs. 45 upwards. They also cater for events and create customised desserts, prices of which are on request.

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