You Don’t Have To Grab The Hammer And Mop

So last night’s party went on till 4 am and all that you can see in your home is the mess left behind. And if the thought of clearing that clutter makes you grumble, get Hammer & Mop to clean it for you.
Hammer & Mop will march into your house armed with their equipments to clean that dirt accumulating on your bookshelf or sort out that tiny dingy cupboard in your room. So whether it’s to vacuum your house, change the upholstery, after party clean ups or even providing assistance while moving in a new house, the guys at Hammer & Mop will leave your place dirt-free. They also provide services for corporate houses with offers like one time clean ups, visit clean ups and more. You can get a customised plan as well where you pick up an area in your house/office and choose the frequency-daily/weekly/monthly.
The charges depend on the area and the amount of work to be done. You can call 9223544599 for more information or check their website. Services can be conducted round the clock, all days of the week and according to the client’s convenience but it has to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
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