You Know You’d Rather Marry A Friend!

Marriage – the unison of two souls into one, a lifelong of ‘I dos’, a feeling so invigorating you only feel it when it happens to you – a reason to be. 
What’s important to know before you decide that he/she is ‘the one’? Isn’t it true that love is indeed friendship? You’ve got to be able to laugh with each other when you’re 80 – and that only happens if you are friends first. However, it isn’t easy to find that perfect friend you want to spend the rest of your life with. 
Now, we have all heard of those matrimony sites and had a laugh or two with our friends over finding ‘true love’ on the worldwide web. But seriously, have you really tried it yourself? We tell you of a new digital portal that beats all the boring shaadi sites and brings with it a burst of cool freshness and budding hope for love! We are not kidding. Your true love’s request is pending, and you know you want to find out more!
Marry A Friend, a new online service and social platform will help you look for your soul mate and you don’t even have to pay for it! This live portal is a mix of modern social networking and traditional matrimony – so you can really get to know a person before taking things further. 
How does it work? After you register with them for free, you can make and build your personal profile as extensively as you wish. Your profile can literally have all the information you’d like to share on a first date, such as the ideal way to spend your weekend, likes and dislike, views on life after marriage and so on. You can then ‘search’ for like-minded people by typing in the age group and city/country you’re looking for. 
While you may find this on any other social platform, here you get to create your own personal diary/blog and share your views freely. And of course your privacy is maintained, as only the friends you accept can view your profile. Participate in fun questionnaires or read what a prospective friend thinks about life and love. It’s all just a click away. 
Your lifechanging experience is waiting, when are you going to marry your friend?
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