Your Home Cushion Can Now Wear a Funky Dress

Serenity: Blissful Living has recently launched a collection of funky cushion covers, which give you a chance to experiment with bold Indian prints and team them up with your existing decor. Add the ‘Bombaiya’ touch to your house as the rickshawala’s, flower shops and panipuri stall cushions create some fun in your home.

If you prefer a classier look for your house try the royal prints in blood red and black color. ‘The English lady talking over the phone’ print on the cushion cover will match your elegant taste. The magic of the contrasting colors used in these covers will appeal to your artistic mind. You can choose to go retro with an Elvis or Doris Day cushion.

Serenity also houses cushion covers made from jute, which will blend well with home décor based on the earthen color palette. For everyone who prefer beautiful birds and neat floral prints, the store has a lot to offer including beautiful floral floor cushions.


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