Your Lunch Flies To You At Amadeus

Amadeus introduces Mumbai to the concept of the Flying Buffet for lunch. In a unique spin on fine dining, the Flying Buffet combines the old concept of the buffet with the new idea of small portions i.e. tapas, which is eventually delivered to your table without you having to walk to the buffet table.

You can now enjoy signature dishes like Chicken Pinchos glazed with Harissa, Barcelona Gazpacho, Paella de setas – Mushrooms of the Forest, Cocas Jalapenos and Goat’s Cheese, Trilogy of Crepes, Stone Griled Baby Vegetables with a Romesco sauce; all which will be brought to your table.

It is priced at Rs. 1,000 per head for Non Vegetarian and Rs. 850 per head for Vegetarian.

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