Your Mini-Vacation to Italy, France and Spain

Be it one of the most toured place in the world, the birth place of the Renaissance or the place of inception of the Tomatina festival, this could be your trip of a lifetime – by the slice, by the price and by the ice.

Incredibly tasteful, Italy is known for its food, wine, wonder and delight. Eat the best of the pizzas and pastas and drink the choicest of wines with the brown-eyed Italians, while they teach you their language. A treat for the eyes, France seduces you with its beautiful buildings, paintings and structures. It is also a shopaholic’s dream come true with the all the designer labels available in the districts of Paris. Spain is a bolt from the blue with all the amazing activities around there. Get a brilliant adrenaline rush by running in front of raging bulls or just chill on the beach with a beer. Have fun with your girl friends for 10 days without any inhibitions or questions asked.

Visit Italy, France and Spain with The Backpacker Co and let these places enchant you.


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