Your Mondays Just Got Tastier

GET: Something sweet for free to beat those Monday ‘back to kingdom come’ blues

IN: The Tasty Tangles, Pinnacle House, Level 1, PD Hinduja Marg, 15th Road,Khar(W) Mumbai, Tel: 022 67094444

ON: Every Monday. For Lunch and Dinner

IT: On Monday every table gets a complementary dessert plate with the following 3 desserts – Fried Ice Cream with Honey, Mango Pudding and Sumatra Chocolate with Fruit Salsa

About Tasty Tangles

It is time to steer away from buffets and move towards fuller, fresher pastures for your favourite food.  Situated in Khar, The Tasty Tangles is a vibrant, all day restaurant, that seats 86 at a time, where chefs prepare aromatic dishes within minutes over an open flame in full view of the guests. South-east Asian locales and the food are familiar territory for the residents and visitors of the Indian sub continent. It is at The Tasty Tangles that you can indulge your taste buds to fresh, Asian food. Be it Singapore noodles, Chicken Satay, Nasigoreng or the all time favourite sticky rice,the chefs at The Tasty Tangles will toss up a delicious meal within minutes. The Tasty Tangles kitchen imports a sizeably large chunk of ingredients to serve up truly authentic food. There are some ‘special’ knick knacks and treats in store for the little ones as well and they are more than welcome to add gleeful elements to the bright and cheerful The Tasty Tangles.

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