What Your Mouth Says About Your Health (You Could Be Prone To Some Serious Diseases)

Alright, we know you don’t enjoy your trip to the dentist. In fact, you try and delay it as much it possible. But it is possible that in the meanwhile you’re growing some serious diseases. Yes, your teeth, gums and tongue can show early symptoms of major illnesses. From osteoporosis to kidney problems, know what your mouth says about your health.

Your Mouth Says About Your Health
1. You Have: Bad Breath
You Could Be Suffering From:
A Stomach Infection or Respiratory Diseases
We know you try everything—brushing, mouthwash and mint—to ensure your mouth always smells great. But this isn’t just due to the garlic sauce you ate for lunch. It could be because of a stomach infection or respiratory disease. Often, a bad stomach causes your mouth and body to stink and, if you have a respiratory problem like asthma or early stage of tuberculosis, your mouth may show the signs. It’s best to consult your doctor if your bad breath won’t go away in spite of regular, healthy oral habits.

2. You Have: Loose Teeth, Cracked Teeth
You Could Be Suffering From:
Osteoporosis or Calcium Deficiency
Women are most prone to osteoporosis, especially during menopause. However, calcium deficiency can be the root of this disease and the symptoms lie in your teeth and nails. If your teeth seem to be loose and have mild cracks, it’s a red flag. You need to up the calcium intake in your diet. You can find out if your teeth are loose by gently trying to move them or check for cracks in your molars and pre-molars.

3. You Have: Pale Gums
You Could Be Suffering From:
Check in the mirror if your gums or tongue seem pale. By pale we mean more whitish, unlike the usual deep pink colour. If they do, you could be heading towards anaemia, when your body lacks red blood cells or haemoglobin. Other symptoms to look out for include brittle nails, breathlessness and fatigue. Increase your iron intake and visit a doctor at the earliest.

4. You Have: Eroded, Rough Teeth Enamel
You Could Be Suffering From:
Heavy Acidity
Touch the surface of your teeth with your finger. If they seem slightly rough or pitted, your tooth enamel is eroded. Alcohol abuse or smoking may cause this, but one of the major reasons could be acid in your body. If you have an eating disorder or suffer from stomach infections that make you throw up, then your teeth can also get eroded due to the acid reflux. Additionally, you body could be heavily acidic which may even cause ulcers. Reduce your stress and add more salads and fresh fruits to your diet.

5. You Have: Bleeding, Red or Swollen Gums
You Could Be Suffering From:
A High Intake Of Sugar, Hormonal Changes or Diabetes
Bleeding gums usually mean that your dental hygiene isn’t right or you have a gum disease. However, one of the causes may also be that you’ve undergone a sudden hormonal change like pregnancy or menopause. If you are diabetic or have high sugar content in your diet, your gums will show it. It is best to contact your dentist at the earliest.

We suggest you go your dentist on a regular basis, not only to avoid dental problems but also major illnesses. Keep smiling!

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