Ways To Stick To Your New Year Resolution

It’s common knowledge that we all make lots of new year resolutions on the 31st of December; carry them through the first week or two of the next year, and then poof! It’s gone before you know it. We’re going to show you some ways to make sure you stick to that resolution or ten.

1. Lift – A Motivational App

new year resolution app lift

We love this app! It is amazing and it keeps you accountable for all your activities, not just resolutions. Even if you are contemplating major life changes, Lift will keep you motivated to follow it through. There are daily reminders and it really pushes you to reach your fullest potential. It’s a free app for iPhone and Android – all you have to do is sign in!

2. Cute Printable Lists For Your Resolutions

stick to your new years resolutions printable

There are so many cute ways to write down your resolutions. Here is a cute printable we found online. What is really nice about this is that it makes you write down one thing for each of the options, to do throughout the year. Just print it out, and put it up in a place that will be clearly visible to you everyday. It will inspire you to work harder. Written like that, it seems quite doable, doesn’t it? You can get it here.

3. Make Your Own Ways

stick to your resolution your way

I know that you all have you own little quirks. Why not use that to keep yourself motivated, since nobody knows you better than yourself! If you love chocolate and your resolution is to wake up on time and not stay in bed till 11am, why not make yourself accountable for it? Tell yourself that everyday you wake up late; you get no chocolate that day. Cocoa is worth waking early for. And if your resolution is to lose weight, make sure you eat right or work out or run or dance, or whatever you prefer. If you don’t manage to fit in into your day, maybe you should cancel that weekend party plan. When you miss that badly, you will know you have to do the needful. Let us know how you plan to stick to your resolutions!

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