Your Party Is Missing The Little Food Co

Our city’s culinary culture is ever growing, what with restaurants with world cuisines and innovative caterers popping up on every block. One such inventive home-style gourmet catering service that caught our attention is the Little Food Co.

Don’t go by its name, their menu is unique and extensive and boasts of its simple flavourful food created to suit every taste bud in the city.
Started by Bhakti Mehta, Little Food Co. provides options of gourmet food selected from across the globe. From Italian dishes like grilled eggplant, pesto chicken skewers, pizzas, pumpkin soup, mushroom crepes and the likes to Asian and Mediterranean cuisine that includes dishes like Thai style pani puri, Vietnamese rolls, Burmese rice and classic falafels, it is simply a gourmand’s delight!
They also have options of appetizers and mains in cuisines like Mexican, American, Moroccan, Chinese and more.
Be it a small party comprising 12 people or a grander affair of a 100 foodies, the company will whip up delicacies for birthdays, anniversaries, exhibitions, corporate lunches and other events. They claim to use fresh ingredients and only olive oil to cook.
Apart from catering, they also provide additional services, from buffet crockery and cutlery to servers and bar service.
You can call Bhakti Mehta on 9819136441 or send an email to for queries.
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