Zip It: How To Rock The Exposed Zipper Trend

Faux zipper pockets, zipped hemlines, zipper accessories—meet the modern canvas for the trusty zip. There’s nothing more enticing than an outfit that feigns unravelling! Zipper detailing has that element of edginess and playful seduction, whilst also morphing comfortably into wearable, everyday looks. Sideways, slashed across, or down, down, down─ if linked ingeniously into a garment, the zipper is hipper than you can imagine. The exposed zipper, bold and beautiful, is the trend to try out. Let’s unzip this sexy trend for you.

Right, so there are countless variables to the exposed zipper. Want to take a peek at our favourites?

Clean & Classy
Keep it simple with the detailing if you want to first gauge the look before you take it to the big leagues. The front exposed zipper, following naturally down the body of a dress, is a great start to accentuating your curves and keeping it intriguing. Get the look here.

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On The Side
From leggings to chic office wear, the angled side zip is a great look for the working woman who can step out of the cubicle and head straight to the club. Get the look here.


Down The Back
It might be in its usual place, but the exposed zipper down the back of your outfit is also at its sexiest. A pop of colour or a touch of metallic is all you need to create a sleek, eye-catching backdrop. Get the look here.


Ankle Zips
There’s nothing better to fall back on than your denims and leggings with the added bonus of a neat zipper riding up the ankle or at the heel. Get the look here.


Shoulder Expose
Whether you show off your shoulders or not, either way the exposed zipper looks smart perched up there on your shoulder. Get the look here.


Slasher Story
Sometimes, having no direction is the best way to bring out the unexpected in a trend. Grab an outfit that has this trend zipping all over it, linked ingeniously yet at random. There can be such sweet surprise from all the chaos. Get the look here.


Accessorise In Zips
When we say zip it all up, we mean it. Entangle your wrists in zips or accessorise with a zipper neckpiece, even hook your belt up with zip rivets. You’ll be surprised where the trend can go. Get the look here.


What do you think of the zipper trend? Let us know all!

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Images courtesy:, wendybennett,, shopplanetblue, saintwoods, koosfashion, aliexpress

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