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best kajals in india

10 Best Kajals In India

Kajals are probably the first makeup product that a person is introduced to. It does not matter if you are dressed up for a wedding or going to a club with your friends, Kajal is the first thing that you will apply whether you use something else or not. I know that you will agree…

best moisturizer for oily skin

8 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin in India

Dryness can ooze out all the glow from your skin, not to mention the irregular texture that it provides. There is an abundance of products in the market claiming to be a solution to your dry skin problems. Some don’t work so well, and the others don’t fit your budget.  We know you are tired…

best salicyclic facewash

8 Best Salicylic Acid Face Washes In India

You managed to purchase your favourite dress and the perfect pair of heels to go with it. You have decided what makeup you are going to wear – bold and fiery red lipstick with that oh-so-subtle but classy nude pink undertone look. Two days before your sister’s “big day”, a stubborn zit makes your cheek…


Sex And The Indian City: Getting Carrie-D Away

These girls sashayed into our lives, Manolo Blahniks and all, and changed the way we looked at sex, dating, relationships, and friends. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha successfully captured the imaginations of girls the world over with their heartwarming life lessons and sexcapades. This week, the show completes a decade of being off air and there…

istanbul summer holidays

6 Holidays You Should Plan This Summer

It’s summer and the sweltering temperatures mean that you must get out of the city. But where do you go for that perfect vacation? We tell you 6 places that must definitely be on your list to travel to this season. 1. Shillong What better way to get away from the city than by receding…


10 Stylish Ways To Wear A Guy’s Shirt

One of the perks of being a lady is that we can look fantastic even in clothes that belong to the opposite sex (unfortunately, the same can’t be said for them). A man’s button-down shirt is a comfy staple that you should all “borrow” from a guy to help brighten up your closet. It’s the…