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how to wear culottes

Style It Like Beckham: How To Wear Culottes

First it was bell bottoms, then chic palazzos and now culottes – yes, they’re back with a bang! And we show you how to wear this trend like a total rockstar. Read on to get the full download. What: CulottesCulottes are shorter palazzo pants or skirts that are split to make pants. So they are loose, comfortable…

The Coffee Counter App

Apps To Shake Your Bad Habits Off

We all have that one conversation in the day with someone complaining about a habit they are trying to break. Bad habits are insidious and are very hard to break for weak willed people like us. Most bad habits are as common as the cold and obviously- there’s an app for that. Being chained to…

Beauty Uses of Milk

8 Terrific Beauty Uses Of Milk

As a child you may remember your mother forcing you to finish a glass of milk because it was good for health. As we grew up, coffee and tea replaced the big milk glass, depriving us of nutrition. While nothing can replace drinking milk, you can benefit from its goodness by availing its many beauty uses. Take…