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5 TV Series That Make Women Look Stupid

Have you ever felt that many of the popular TV shows do not give due credit to our intelligence? News flash: We have much more to talk about than just shoes, clothes and vanity in general. We do not fall for every Tom, Dick and Harry, and we can make smart relationship decisions. Here are…

Embrace Your Curls

Curly Hair Tips

Do you plan your outfits on how your hair behaves on that particular day? Do you get offended when someone says I like your hair straight? Do you get home after a windy day to find most of nature in your hair? Then you probably have a head full of curls. Here are a few…


Things You Should Never Say To A Curly Haired Girl

Not everyone is blessed with curly hair and curls can be very intriguing to those who don’t have them. While we are thrilled (and somewhat amused) at a non curly haired persons enthusiasm towards our hair, some behaviour can get obnoxious and somewhat rude. Fret not, we are here to help. Keep in mind these things you should never…