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Healthy Comfort Foods

It’s perfectly normal to drown your sorrows in a plate full of calories. However, you needn’t wreak havoc on your diet to satisfy those cravings. We give you perfectly healthy and tasty alternatives to those fattening pick-me-ups on an ‘off’ day. Fight the blues with these healthy comfort foods without the guilt that usually follows those binges….

Be Fit for Free

Hate The Gym? Here Are 9 Ways To Lose Weight For FREE!

If you counted all the money you spent on gyms and fitness programmes that you didn’t even end up going for, you’re going to be seriously sad. All that money could have easily bought you a year’s (okay, maybe half a year’s) worth of clothes. Don’t worry, we’re not making you feel bad—gyms and fitness…

Fashion Items You Should Borrow From Your Boyfriend Now

Yes, you know you can’t do without peeping into his closet and finding hidden treasures listed below. These are fashion items you should borrow from your boyfriend now, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to read the tips on how you can style them to suit your girly personality. His Cosy Jumper Nothing can compare…


Girls, Don’t Give Up On Love!

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard a girl say, ‘all the good men are taken or gay’, I’d be rich enough to buy their silence. While it is true that the good, single men are far and few, they do exist. Maybe this is the optimist in me talking, but then…

five guys you shouldnt date

Five Guys You Shouldn’t Date

Rejoice all ye single and all ye hopeful for it’s that time of the year again. The time to mingle, to be invited to parties, to attend those parties, to meet new people, to have crushes and to fall in love. One little problem though: before you have your fairy tale ending, you have to…


8 Things That Will Help You Maintain Youthful Skin

For some people, the focus tends to be all about their body. They want to lose weight, they want to firm up or they want to see more muscle definition and tone. Basically, when it comes to their appearance, all they think about is how their body physically looks. But, do not neglect the influence…

Winter's here!

Winter Skincare Basics: Follow Them Religiously!

Winter’s coming! This not only means pleasant evening walks, hot cocoa and romantic classic movies snuggled on your comfy couch, but also dry, flaky skin that will keep getting patchy and worse if not taken care of. All that dryness with the nip in the air, pollution and aridity means extra nourishment needed ASAP. We…


Winter Help: Quick Homemade Moisturizers

Although we may enjoy the cool winter air, this weather is the harshest for our skin. Be it normal, oily or dry, it doesn’t spare anyone. There are a host of products that guarantee you the desired moisturizing relief for your skin, but fail to do so. So you’ve spent lots of money on these beauty…

look book dylan H

Five Ways To Wear A Bomber Jacket

If you are abreast with the latest trends then you must know that bomber jackets were predominant at the spring runways this year. They have hit the stores already and you see fashionistas sporting the trend in their own stylish way. A versatile piece of clothing, you can wear it in several ways. Here are five styles…


7 Fab Ways To Wear Dungarees This Summer

We’ve been witnessing comebacks of the 50s, 60s and even the 7os every other season, and love imitating the fashion trends of these decades. But the return of the 90s has the most significant effect on us, as many of us actually grew up in these times. Nostalgia alert! You were probably a little minion and ran…